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IFBD Selection of Candidates

The selection process will involve interviews with the Institute’s President, Regional Director and Core Group to evaluate candidate suitability based on the faith-orientation, character traits, and skills.


Spiritual Maturity

High level of faith-based humility; ability to trust God in difficult situations; desire to serve others; desire to live a God-centered life.

Teachable Spirit

Open to learning and practicing new concepts; natural curiosity; open mind; and willingness to learn from other people and experiences. This includes a willingness to learn from mistakes.

Communication Skills

Ability to listen for meaning; ability to read non-verbal cues; asks good questions based on situation; ability to hear positions you don’t agree with.

Emotional Intelligence

Able to relate to wide variety of personalities; possess a solid emotional foundation; ability to discern emotional issues in others while maintaining detachment; ability to collect information on perceived grievances without inflaming them.

Cultural Sensitivity

Ability to recognize and relate to different cultures; a “liminal” persona that doesn’t project own culture but easily develops relationships and trust with those of different cultures.

Workshop Skills

Ability to organize and coordinate activities; public speaking ability; ability to anticipate and resolve workshop problems.

Political Savvy

Ability to analyze political dynamics in group interaction; flexibility to develop strategies for moving forward from an impasse;  good foundation of historical understanding.


If you are interested in being considered for candidacy, please complete this application and a member of our team will contact you.

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