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General Overview



Operating From a Different Framework

Faith-based reconciliation is an alternative approach to traditional diplomacy and peacemaking, and it differs from those methods in that it is principally a spiritually-based effort to soften hearts and enable constructive joint problem solving.  

Participants in FBR workshops explore eight core values through a deliberative process that seeks to create a reconciling spirit for healing the historic wounds that energize hostility between communities.  

By building bridges between opposing community leaders, FBR can facilitate the trust-based constructive joint problem solving needed to resolve a range of issues that perpetuate distrust and hostility.

The FBR methodology is neither a form of “interfaith dialogue” nor an approach based on a single religious tradition.  


Instead, it is a spiritual enterprise that assists participants – often from different faith traditions – to experience empathy for each other at a deep level.


Designed to engage present or future leaders, FBR pursues healing between communities to enable trust-based joint problem solving and the creation of new processes and practices for maintaining cooperation and peace.

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